XYZ Statements

By Audrey Kasting, Relationship Rx Facilitator One of the communication skills we often teach in our workshops is called XYZ Statements. These statements can be used for both complaints and compliments. Many find this formula useful for voicing a complaint […]

Normal Rough Patch?

By Audrey Kasting, Relationship Rx Facilitator It seems to be common knowledge that there are natural and expected ups and downs in a marriage or long-term relationship. Couples prepare themselves to go through hard or more stressful times together. During […]

Hidden communication pitfalls

By Clay Culp, Relationship Rx facilitator Watch Clay discuss this topic on Fox43’s WTNX morning show WTNZ. Some communication problems are obvious, like name-calling, yelling, or refusing to talk altogether. But other more subtle tactics often hamper our conversations more […]

Withdraw-Withdraw Pattern

By Audrey Kasting, Relationship Rx Facilitator             As mentioned in earlier posts, patterns of interaction that couples can become trapped or stuck in develop over time and often without the individuals realizing it. Their natural ways of being, interacting, and […]